Who am I? How am I?
A search for my true self, my own identity.

Am I a person?
Am I another person?
Or yet another?

Do I always think the same?
Do I always feel the same?

Who am I really?
How am I really?

And who’s to say who and how I am?
Will I ever know?

I am currently in a life phase in which I am intensely dealing with my own me.

The search of my own identity is a subject that has concerned me for a long time, and the time has come to document and hold this process has photographically.

In 2011 I took on my artist´s name. It wasn´t an easy step. It was the result of an intensive confrontation of the essential of my own identity and my own self. The person the old name depicted, was not really me anymore. It was an imposed self. Once I realized this, a process that took me a long time, I finally figured out that I really wanted to find my authentic me.

After many years focused on external identities, following the footsteps of this need to answer the questions that aroused from my quest, I started to conduct a series of photographic self experiments trying to get to the core of all the questions I was asking myself and finding an answer.

The photographs raise questions and answer them simultaneously. The observer of the photographs should find himself too questioning himself and looking for an answer too.

For this project I chose the square picture format Rolleiflex, combined with the technique of double exposure. For the record I used last black and white film that I have underexposed and overdeveloped. With this combination of technique, materials and processes, I want to emphasize the complexity, evolution and the process of this search.